R2bEEaton's Phonetic Reverser

When we say "phonetic reverser" we mean that rather than simply reversing the order of letters, we show you exactly how to pronounce something backwards. Our website breaks up words into their component parts, turning "jug" into "j-uh-g", then reverses it. Simply making it "g-uh-j" doesn't work though, so our tool knows to replace one of the sounds to make it sound correct when played backwards: "g-uh-zszh". Put the text you want to speak backwards in the left box, then click "Reverse it!". The reversed phonemes text will appear on the right and you can have a go at pronouncing it! It does have trouble with contractions, so try to avoid them. This page looks better on a computer. Data is anonymously logged to hopefully improve on latency.

Pronunciation Note:

The "zszh" should be pronounced like the g in beige.

Capital "TH" should be pronounced like the th in that.

Lowercase "th" should be pronounced like the th in throw.